Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Chula morning

This Saturday, without doubt the hottest day so far this year, we headed for Chula, or Laura and Diegos place to enjoy good music, good company, good drinks - and even a fashion show. The place is fantastic and the kids and I talked about how we could create a space like that in Manila.

Beautiful colours...

... and good music.

A great party.

Hana was truly impressed by all the sketches of beautiful dresses, but then they found some bugs (see other posts) and drifted away.


  1. thanks Anna, so nice post and pictures;-) so cute your children

  2. jösses vilka fina bilder du tar människa...och så har du ju mycket fint att fånga på bild också! å barnen, dina små troll, växer ju så det knakar...kanske ses vi snart :) hoppas, längtar...jag tänker du, Annapanna o jag, vin, mat och prat.